i was away from tumblr for like a month and a half (and still kinda away from it a lot) so i forgot how awful some people can be when they don’t 100% agree with their opinion or someone is slightly misinformed about an issue

"you’re trash go die" like J E S U S christ calm the fuck down

willingston said: Medically speaking it is considered a disability albeit common.

oh, i understand that part. i know technically it’s a disability, i know when i have to get my driver’s license and stuff i have to make sure i tell them that i’m visually impaired…but this person was mad/offended that a character got her bad eyesight fixed magically, and they were claiming that it was ableist…when it…really isn’t? if the character had any other disability i would think it would be justified (even if she was hard of hearing i think that it would be in bad taste) but honestly, bad eyesight is just so common and there are many ways to remedy it… i just don’t think it’s considered omg! disability representation!!!! and that there’s no longer any disibility representation in the show now that she has her eyesight fixed.

i just think that if you only have a vision impairment, that calling yourself “disabled” or claiming that you have a “disability” is more ableist than a character getting her bad eyesight fixed lol. they’re trying to look for problems when they’re not there and it’s just frustrating.

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Do you ever think how surreal it is that there is an Internet subculture of young men who wear suits, collect guns and knives, disrespect women, but then watch a children’s cartoon about little fictional ponies and really enjoy it. Like I couldn’t make that up if I tried. How are we going to explain humanity to extraterrestrials at this rate

d o you guys ahve any idea how many bronies hav e sent me hate for this post . do you


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how old is spongebob supposed to be??? he works and lives by himself yet acts like a kid? is he 16? 33? 60? definitely one of life’s biggest mysteries

someone in the steven universe tag thinks that bad eyesight is a disability lmao


For some reason Pearl in this episode reminds me of Double D from eene.


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