Artist: 洗面きぬ子

Translators from Danbooru: pikuchan, NononJ, whitebase, dizzy c, Hillside Moose, oturib

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england.mov (at Birmingham Moor Street)


walks in the park


my two favorite characters from klk… after these last few episodes I just had to draw them


Everyday is the best day when you’ve got flexing Gamagoori nearby. 
Lucky Mako!

based on Hark! A Vagrant comic strip. 

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I can’t sleep so I’ll write up day 2 in england

- new hotel room had the ac leaking lol
- checked out, went to the Manchester airport via shuttle, proving for the second time that british drivers are fRightening and I will never complain about American drivers again
- waited for the coach to Birmingham, jon got me a blt but the bacon was gross :( bought a hot tea out of the vending machine though and it was really cool
- watched tangled on the way to birmingham
- there was a political rally RIGHT next to the bus station so it took us a long time to get in
- saw a butterfly in the coach station
- jon got me a sprite when I was still sleeping so I asked him for it. It tasted like diet sprite :’(
- taxi driver was the fifth british driver I had an encounter with, I approve of 0/5 drivers
- got to Jon’s sisters house! Went to argos to buy an air mattress. Argos is kinda weird. They didn’t have a double bed in stock so we got two singles.
- went to get “american” milkshakes from this fast food place (which I hate omg) but I didn’t want one.
- changed clothes once we got home cuz I was sweating, it wasnt that hot but walking in it wasnt the best?
- sat outside with kim bc it was too warm in her apartment, we sat outside and watched videos about pudsey the dog lol cus he has a movie coming out and I want to see it
- I was picking at this zit on the back of Jon’s head and after a few squeezes it turns out to be an ingrown hair lol
- after a few hours we decide to order chinese, I order shrimp chow mein
- jon wants to go to the grocery store so I tag along. The store is kind weird, it’s really cheap but everything is an off brand? We get mostly pasta and chocolate
- walk back to the house, see a guy with kfc, get jealous :(
- get back to the house and the food’s arrived, we eat it while watching idiot abroad
- I eat some chocolate and its really good
- fussed over more of Jon’s blackheads before nodding off to sleep
- woke up at around 2 am, its 3 am now



Bunny and Toad <3

btw this is transparent :>